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Broken II
Broken crayons still color. Shattered mirrors still reflect light. Being broken does not mean that we are useless. Being shattered does not mean that we must be thrown out. Break a crayon and it becomes perfect for sharing another person. Shatter a mirror and it becomes a mosaic of little reflections. Being broken means that we have the capacity to color the world more beautifully than a rainbow. Being shattered means that we have a greater power to reflect light. We must not see our broken life as pointless. We must not see the shatterd pieces of our existence as a waste. Quite the contrary infact. Every broken and shatterd of our life is apart of what makes each of us beautiful and meaningful. No one colors the world quite like you. No one reflects the light of existance the way you can. TODAY! I will color this world and brighten this day in my own special way because I am broken and shattered.